Insider Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Kilkenny Castle Tour

Tour bus in Kilkenny

Welcome, wanderers, to the medieval gem of Ireland—Kilkenny, a city with an 800-year history of the English conquest and colonisation of Ireland. Kilkenny is also known as the ‘Marble City’. Why? In addition to its rich history, beautiful culture, and picturesque landscapes, its unique black marble is laid out all over the city. From its best-preserved medieval architecture to its impeccable art and culinary delights, Kilkenny takes visitors back in time. 

So, come on! Here are some of the best places to visit in Kilkenny. To take all this in, it’s best to spend at least a full day in Kilkenny by travelling directly there. It’s worth it! The city’s experiences can be best enjoyed on a day trip from Dublin directly to Kilkenny or by staying overnight in or near the city, allowing sufficient time to relax and enjoy it. 


Kilkenny Walking Tour

For anyone interested in Irish history, the best way to immerse yourself in Kilkenny’s is through the Medieval Mile Trail. This trail, linking Kilkenny Castle to St. Canice’s Cathedral, offers a journey back in time as you stroll through centuries-old streets and alleys. The St. Canice’s Cathedral building has two standout features: the stained glass windows and the Round Tower.

The Round Tower is the oldest standing structure in Kilkenny. It’s also one of only two round towers in Ireland that visitors can climb. The Kilkenny Castle is a stunning fortress dating back to 1195. You can take a walk in the castle’s grounds and its interior. There’s also a Medieval Mile Museum with guided tours and Rothe House, a medieval merchant’s home with original furnishings and a historic restored garden. 


All Aboard the Kilkenny Train Tour

This little but robust train will take you on a 30-minute scenic tour through the heart of Kilkenny. It’s especially fun for families with little ones as you pass through the city’s top attractions. The train leaves every half hour [the first departure is 9:30 am, and the last is 6:30 pm from in front of Kilkenny Castle.


Take a Break and Enjoy the Famous Smithwick’s Beer

Bring your empty stomach to Kilkenny’s food scene – a feast for all the senses. From hearty Irish stews to gourmet delights, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Wash it all down with Kilkenny’s Smithwick’s beer and treat yourself to artisanal ice cream from Murphy’s. 


Don’t Miss the Kilkenny Arts and Culture

If you’re an art enthusiast, you need to visit Kilkenny. The city has multiple galleries, studios, and workshops. You can also watch performances at the Kilkenny Arts Festival.


More Activities To Enjoy in Kilkenny 

Hiking Adventures: For those craving adventure, Kilkenny offers a host of outdoor activities. Hike along the River Nore, cycle through the countryside, or try kayaking and fishing in the tranquil waters. ​

Festivities: Kilkenny is famous for its dynamic festivals and events, like the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival and Kilkenny Roots Festival. You’ll find tons of locals in the city’s vibrant atmosphere – an experience you can never forget.

Shop and Explore: For the shopping group, get your credit cards ready for Kilkenny’s charming boutiques. You’ll find everything from handmade crafts to designer fashion—you will not walk out empty-handed, that’s for sure. Your Kilkenny adventure will remain with you forever when you take home unique souvenirs and keepsakes.


Kilkenny Costs

Depending on your preferences, costs can range from €5 for a pint of Guinness to €15 to €25 for food at a mid-range restaurant. As for attractions, prices span from free admission to around €8 (such as at Kilkenny Castle).


Plan, Plan, Plan

I cannot stress this enough—plan, plan, plan! Check the local events calendar, purchase a Kilkenny City Card for discounts, and book accommodations in advance. If you choose to wing it or be spontaneous, yes, you MIGHT be lucky, but you will most likely be met with disappointment. 


Take A Trip Through The Medieval Castles

With all of these tips, there’s one thing to always remember. Embrace the magic of Kilkenny. I guarantee this wonderful city will leave a lasting impression. So there you have it – insider tips and tricks for making the most of your Kilkenny adventure. This isn’t an hour-long journey; it’s a whole day. It’s also a lot of walking, so have your comfy shoes ready. 

At John’s Tours of Ireland, we guarantee you’ll skip the queues and large buses and immerse yourself in Ireland’s famous dining spots, rich culture, history, and landscapes. May your journey be filled with wonder, discovery, and unforgettable experiences! So come on, let’s explore this enchanting city. Contact us for the best experience!