Immerse yourself in Ireland

You want to travel the world and uncover its secrets. Well, then it’s time to embark on an exploration of Ireland.

Dingle Peninsula - Celtic Roots of Ireland

Made for keen travellers and the curious mind, Ireland has an unrivalled history and a vast culture that has influenced many countries across the globe. When you visit Ireland you will discover an abundance of lifetimes, those who have made us what we are today and those who continue their great work.

Johnstown Castle

We’re proud of Ireland’s story and cannot wait to show it to you. Celtic ruins, religious monuments, local delights and popular spots, natural valleys and marvellous mountains all await you, coming together to create the tapestry that is Ireland.

You won’t just see it, you’ll experience it with countless activities to fill your days, creating precious memories along the way.

Become part of Ireland’s cultural tale and book with John’s Tours of Ireland.

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