Why Is Tourism Important?

Newgrange - Northern Ireland

Ireland thrives all year round. Our landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world and no matter what part of this country you visit there is always ample opportunity to marvel at its unique and natural architecture. 

Being a small nation with a large farming population, vast beaches, and bogs full to the brim with history, tourism has always been a large part of our economy. Local businesses exist purely because of those who choose to visit us, and historic treasures like Newgrange World Heritage Site get to share their story with the world.

Having grown up in Ireland myself I know its wonders first hand. I have explored this country top to bottom and it is these discoveries that I wish to share with you on my tours. 

John’s Tours of Ireland is my way of supporting Irish tourism but first and foremost, it is my passion. I know and love the places you will be visiting and have spent a lifetime studying and learning about them. It’s like introducing you to my oldest friends – I want you to enjoy them as much as I do. 

My path to John’s Tours of Ireland was not a linear one. In fact, this is my third career. I began as a horticulturist and transitioned into general heritage management, picking up history and business degrees along the way. 

After funding ran out following the economic crash in 2008 I took early retirement. I then decided I wanted to spend the rest of my working life doing two things; passing on my in-depth knowledge of Ireland, its culture and heritage and not having to retire. I don’t ever want to retire, I’m enjoying what I do way too much.

Should you wish to tour more of Ireland’s horticultural landmarks, I am a garden historian specialising in tours of Ireland’s heritage houses, gardens, and landscapes. I am also a  professional genealogist and teach biodiversity management, sustainable development, and professional garden and landscape design part-time. 

Without tourism, Ireland would not be where it is today. We’re a country of storytellers, it’s in our blood and can you blame us? By European standards, human settlers found this land pretty late in the game, about 10,000 years ago.

But in that relatively short time, we have accumulated more culture and heritage than ever thought possible. Not to mention the fact that Mother Nature was already building many of our famous landmarks long before human feet touched Ireland’s soil.

For me, tourism is also a great way of meeting interesting people. It allows me to continually revisit places all over Ireland and I really enjoy the conversations I have with the tourists I meet along the way.

Yes, we do spectacular tours in Dublin, our fair city, but we also offer so much more. If you wish to explore the living places of your ancestors, discover Northern Ireland, or build a custom trip full of must-see Irish haunts, there is no part of Ireland I do not travel to.

I also hold the National Tourist Guide Badge so you know that with John’s Tours of Ireland you are getting a certified adventure.