A Fan’s Guide to Adventure on Your Game of Thrones Private Day Tour

It’s time for the Game of Thrones enthusiasts! [GOT intro music] If you’re a fan then you definitely had imaginations of yourself pretending to be Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or Arya Stark, and walking in their footsteps. YOU CAN! Did you know that GOT was filmed in Northern Ireland? With the Game of Thrones private day tour, you’ll get to experience and immerse yourself in the storyline—maybe bring your costumes! With your tour guide like John, you’ll also be getting rich history lessons as you walk through stunning sites.

Discover Ireland’s Landscape With the
Game of Thrones Tour

One of the most captivating aspects of Game of Thrones is its stunning filming locations, and for good reason. Ireland was selected for its naturally beautiful landscapes, which perfectly capture the Seven Kingdom’s essence. From the rugged coastlines to the lush forests, every location is a visual feast. On your private day tour, you’ll visit some of these iconic sites and see first-hand why they were selected.

To County Down We Go!

On your private day tour, you’ll visit some of these iconic sites and see first-hand why they were selected. This private tour offers an optional add-on that will have you cheering louder than a Khaleesi victory speech: a visit to County Down, including the Game of Thrones Studio Tour and Castle Ward, also known as Winterfell.

Castle Ward: Winterfell Beckons

Imagine yourself walking through the same grounds that housed the Starks!  Castle Ward, a stunning 18th-century estate, was transformed into the iconic Winterfell for the show.  Explore the courtyard where Robb Stark rallied his bannermen, stand where Ned Stark dispensed justice, and maybe even peek through the broken tower where Bran first discovered his Stark-warg powers (just be careful not to get too close to the ledge!).

More Than Filming Game of Thrones

This tour isn’t just about Game of Thrones, it’s also about Ireland’s history and culture. Ireland has ancient castles and historical villages that added another layer of intrigue to the show. Steeped in history, this place is enjoyable and informative for everyone, not just GOT fans. The scenic beauty and cultural significance of each stop make it a tour you won’t want to miss.

The Impact on Northern Ireland

Before Game of Thrones, Northern Ireland wasn’t a major tourist destination. But after the show, people could book their tickets fast enough! As tourism boomed in Northern Ireland, a rise in economic benefits and a renewed sense of pride in local communities were seen.

A Peek Behind the Scenes with
Game of Thrones Studio Tour

You can take it one step further and visit the Game of Thrones studio! Going on this exclusive adventure is something a true GOT fan doesn’t want to miss. You’ll see the props, technology, and set designs up close –and touch them! Wander through the Great Hall, stand in the Throne Room, and marvel at the attention to detail that brought Westeros to life. If you choose to include the studio tour, be prepared for an immersive half-day adventure.

Start Your
Game Of Thrones Tour From Dublin!

Your tour guide, John Ducie, is not just any guide; he’s a true Game of Thrones aficionado. He knows the sights, the show, and all the other relevant special places for a rich and engaging experience. John’s Tours of Ireland takes you on an incredible Game of Thrones Private Day Tour from Dublin, covering Winterfell and the Haunted Forest in the Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland. This day trip will transport you to the places where Game of Thrones is made, just one and a half hours north of Dublin. Book your tour today and step into the world of your favourite characters. Your Game of Thrones Adventure Awaits!

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