Ancestry Tours

We are the only tour operator with Irish Tourist Authority Approved National Tour Guides who are also university trained and qualified Genealogists and Family Historians.


Your Ancestry Tours

Where we trace your individual family history


Kilkenny  Normandy Tour Day

A day tour from Dublin. We explore the English elements mixed with the Gaelic Irish in most Irish ancestry . We travel into the heartland of the English colony in Ireland first conquered by the Normans in the 12th century.


Boyne Valley Tour

The Heartland of the Irish Nation. During this day tour from Dublin we explore how Irelands turbulent history has shaped the meaning of what being Irish means.


Wicklow Mountains Tour

During this day tour from Dublin, we will be visiting the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, you will hear the stories of the great potato famine while seeing the ruins of villages and abandoned farms from where people were driven to flee to the new world.